Cancer Fighting Food

Using Asparagus As A Cancer Fighting Food

If a type of food had stand-alone magical powers, we’d know about it. But with any health issue, cancer included, the body could do with a very specific list of things to help it fight.

Some foods can then be likened to a shield, or a sword, or a good commanding officer. Asparagus, while not everyone’s favorite, plays an important role in a body battling cancer. So much so that it may even be the commanding officer of cancer-fighting foods.

Ongoing research sees more and more benefits being revealed. There are few other foods that can do quite as much as this one in the battle against many cancers. If you include it in your diet enough in your healthy years, cancer may be one health risk you could avert.

Asparagus and Carcinogens

The topic of carcinogens is inseparable from discussions on cancer. It is a toxin that parades the ability to cause and influence cancer.

Asparagus is vital in that it aids in removing this toxin and other free radicals from the body. In the book “Conquering ANY Disease, ” the glutathione content of asparagus is outlaid. This phytochemical has the ability to ‘un poison’ the body. High levels of glutathione aid in removing toxins from the kidneys and liver.

Toxins are more readily dissolved and the function of the organs to release them is stimulated.

Asparagus and Cancerous Conditions

It is not uncommon to hear of the connection between sugary foods and acidity creating an unhealthy breeding ground in the body wherein cancer thrives. Asparagus has both an alkalizing effect and is known to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Asparagus and Cancer Research

Asparagus has been documented for its effect on inflammatory conditions and on oxidative stress conditions when it comes to fighting and preventing cancer. However, extracts of asparagus have been witnessed to have anti-tumor effects.

Asparagus and Types of Cancer

When we assess the role asparagus plays in removing harmful substances from the body, we can also look at what types of cancers it can help fight. Cancers of the bones, larynx, breast tissue, colon, and lungs are among those influenced. Later studies are looking into liver cancer as well.

Asparagus and the Big Picture

Cancer is not the only health condition that asparagus can help the body fight against. Diabetes, inflammation disorders, oxidative stress diseases, obesity, and issues with blood clotting are among the numerous others.

And yet these only scrape the surface of what asparagus can do for you. Signs and symptoms of aging, as well as sexual health, are positively impacted. If you haven’t already, it’s time to give the green stalky vegetable a place at the table.

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