Food has the ability to reverse disease and unlock our highest potential. Many people have digestive problems due to excess dampness, according to Chinese Medicine, so the solution is a balance of yin and yang in the diet. Jeff Primack healed Asthma by incorporating these Food Healing principles into his life.

Living foods have more Qi and enzymes than cooked foods, yet cooked foods offer the fire element and usually higher absorption values. Smoothies help us break down plant fibers easier at the micron level and we have directly observed they can help people reverse cancer, heart disease, diabetes and serious conditions.

Conquering Any Disease

In 2005, the “Conquering Any Disease” book was first published, and it’s been updated annually ever since. Eventually, the book became a 300-page bible reviewing the healing properties of all foods, herbs, and mushrooms of importance. It also contains Jeff’s protocols for using specific foods to reverse diseases.

The book has sold 100k hardcover copies at live Qigong events and clinics worldwide. Many bought the book, tried out a food protocol, and found that it worked well to naturally reverse health issues. Numerous doctors, surgeons and over a thousand people have been certified in the Conquering Any Disease system.


With pollution and exposure to chemicals being a greater threat in modern times, detoxification is key. The Liver is the organ in charge of phase-two enzyme, a healing mechanism that removes the body of toxic chemicals. This process must be stimulated by phytochemicals in Food that activate receptors. “Glutathione” is one of the most potent phytochemicals responsible, and high doses can be found in foods like asparagus, however, detoxification is only one aspect of staying healthy.

Free radicals cause oxidation of skin, arteries and are responsible for the overall death decay process. Apples don’t brown after being cut when lemon juice is added due to antioxidants preventing it. Imagine a special coating that stops nails from rusting, except we’re talking about vital organs. Diabetes is caused when pancreatic cells become oxidized. Excessive free radicals in diet are linked to every disease.

Free Radicals
food healing app

Intro to Food Healing – 68 min
Shopping Strategies – 3.5 hrs
Advanced Food Healing – 10 hrs
Making Pepper Paste – 30 min
Pepper Paste Butter – 10 min
Smoothie Formulas Recipes
Cooking with Qi Recipes

Conquering Any Disease
Updated Edition With 2024
Audio Ebook in Jeff’s Voice

Food Healing Library (In LightBody App)

15 Hours Video      3 Books     1 Audiobook

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Within LightBody Activation App is the “Food Healing” library with our latest protocols and teachings. Introduction to food healing 1 hr seminar is about free radicals, antioxidants and using specific foods to reverse specific diseases.  Advanced food healing 10 hr seminar covers the properties of all foods and herbs in Conquering Any Disease book. Shopping strategies 3.5 hr seminar reviews Jeff’s favorite foods, drinks and recommendations for specific cultivars of fruits, vegetables and grocery items with the greatest healing value.

Food Healing App also contains our two recipe books Smoothie Formulas and Cooking with Qi to make preparing the most healing foods easier. Plus our recently updated Conquering Any Disease Ebook (300 pages) is included and covers the science of every food/herb of importance along with time-tested food healing protocols. As a bonus, the Food Healing App includes Conquering Any Disease audiobook in Jeff’s voice delivered 12/25/23.

Food Healing Library
(In LightBody App)

15 Hours Video      3 Books     1 Audiobook

buy now$299

Includes LIFETIME ACCESS with support from our staff if assistance is needed. It’s easy to view and share from your Phone, Ipad, Computer or Cast to a TV.

“I was overweight and with diabetes. Since I began diabetes food protocol I‘ve lost 60 lbs and my HgA1c went 6.4 to 5.7. My doctor said I no longer need diabetes medications.”
Lisa Runyon

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