Breathing exercises have the power to transform us on a cellular and spiritual level. In 2002, Jeff Primack created a technique called “Nine Breath Method” that, in just one minute, gives an incredible full-body vibration of energy. This energy is made by high levels of oxygen that quickly saturate cells. It’s strong enough to wipe away stress, eliminate negative thoughts and dissolve muscular tension. Blood cell shape is shown to be improved by Nine Breath Method. Pictured here is live blood cell microscopy after doing it one time.


Raising oxygen levels up to 100 on an oximeter takes practice and usually, isn’t done by hyperventilation. Only skilled breathing learning to circulate all the oxygen you’ve absorbed produces this desirable effect. Asthma and respiratory diseases are improved when people develop stronger lungs and learn to fully use them.

*Pranayama on Asthma: Comp Therapies 2020; 38
*Breathing Exercises for Asthma. Breathe 2014; 10


With more people now teaching breathwork than ever, we know you have many choices. Breath Empowerment takes 30 minutes and is the first thing people experience at our events. Nine Breath Method is performed seated or standing, usually many times. Jeff believes this breathwork used in meditation with visualization and prayer is the highest level of practice.

Strength training is enhanced by breath techniques that circulate more oxygen to cells during exertion. If you’ve got a mountain to climb or want to increase the number of reps you can pump out at the gym, your breathing skill will take you there. Jeff has trained many teachers to perform 25 pushups in one long breath and has demonstrated 750 pushups while using the Nine-Breath Method. If performing feats of strength isn’t your goal, consider the breath, when properly harnessed, increases endurance, heightens senses and amplifies your spiritual and energetic connection with God.

Jeff Pushups
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Root Chakra Endocrine Activation
Navel Chakra Adrenal Activation
Solar Chakra Digestive Activation
Heart Chakra Thymus Activation
Throat Chakra Thyroid Activation
Mind Chakra Pituitary Activation
Crown Chakra Pineal Activation
Alchemy Manifestation Laws
Sacred Geometry Around Us
Earth History Adam to Jesus
Lucid Dreaming Seeing Qi
God’s Will Highest Life Plan

“Incredible breath work and meditative exercises that heighten awareness and move you to a higher consciousness.”
Jennifer Durand
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LightBody Activation is Jeff’s most raw, unfiltered and advanced spiritual training. Every 7 days you’ll experience a new presentation on subjects that matter most. Nine-breath chakra meditations are designed with special music and sound to expand your breathing to its highest levels. Every week a new meditation is given that is practiced once daily for 20 minutes.

“I enjoyed how each subject built upon the next, the breathwork and how Jeff made it real by sharing his personal experiences.”
Matt Survis
“Course helped get me out my comfort zone and take a closer look at my life. Information is well organized, and breath meditations are not to be missed.”
MiMi LaRue

We begin with the root chakra where confidence, emotions and all factors related to sex hormones are discussed. Navel and Solar chakras are about getting out of survival mode, adrenaline, sleep, digestion and harmonizing lower body to fuel higher wisdom. Heart chakra is about finding passion and reaching zero resentment towards others. Throat chakra is voice training to improve communication as well as thyroid gland fortifying practices. Minds eye chakra is creative Qi expansion and secrets likely used by our founding fathers to become more intelligent. Crown chakra covers how to receive Holy Spirit, discernment of good bad transmissions and Jeff’s memory hair secrets.

After all 7 chakras are activated we run energy across the whole system. Most important is we sincerely prepare our mind to create consciously on Earth and beyond. Alchemy covers emotion regulation, laws of manifestation and abundance. Sacred Geometry reveals phi ratio, flower of life and working with your personal magnetic field like the Earths. Ancient history shows a realistic view going back to the time of Adam up through Jesus. Lucid dreaming teaches you to fly and recall dreams as well as defend yourself in this realm. You learn to See Qi with eyes open using focusing practices and breathing skill. We enact our highest life plan following God’s will and trusting in that leadership.

“The course did not disappoint. I will remember it as a turning point in my spiritual growth. The breath meditations are POWERFUL and I still use them to practice.”
Josh Craddock
“This course is a game changer. Jeff is an amazing caring soul.”
David Griego

LightBody Activation   12-Week Course

LightBody Activation
12-Week Course

12 Presentations    Watch 1 Hour 1x Week
12 Meditations    Practice 20 Min 1x Day

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Includes LIFETIME ACCESS with support from our staff if assistance is needed. It’s easy to practice from your Phone, Ipad, Computer or Cast to a TV.

“The course did not disappoint. I will remember it as a turning point in my spiritual growth. The breath meditations are POWERFUL and I still use them to practice.”
Josh Craddock
“This course is a game changer. Jeff is an amazing caring soul.”
David Griego

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