Qigong is about increasing metabolic rate and expanding energy using your breath, movement and mind intention. Since 2005, the Qi Revolution seminar has been shared with live audiences across the USA. Thousands of nurses and Tens of thousands of massage therapists received Continuing Education CE Hours for this course. Now the best Qi Revolution lectures, practice videos, manuals and secret handouts are all to be found in one place:


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Jeff Primack now is teaching Qigong Healing and Strengthening Classes on Zoom every Saturday. Videos can be watched anytime. Using special postures, quieting mind, chest-expansive breathing techniques, being still, the Qi is attracted causing all body functions to immediately improve. This is our most affordable study option.

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Graduation Class

Author Jeff Primack has certified over 1000 health food enthusiasts, nurses and doctors nationwide in his Food Healing system. This course just launched: 40% off thru 12/25 coupon Foodholiday40

Conquering Any Disease Food Healing System



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Conquering ANY Disease (2020 Edition)

Conquering Any Disease Hardcover Textbook (2020 Edition)


  • 15-Year Anniversary Scientific Edition with Most Compelling Studies
  • Food Protocols based on Results of Thousands of Qigong Students.
  • First Book to Quantify Key Pigments/Phytochemicals in ALL Foods.
  • Our Most Important Food Book Explaining All You Need to Know.

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Includes: 300 Pages Life Saving Wisdom. Hardcover Textbook Color. Easy to read and science supported, book engages all types of people to eat God’s most healing foods. Extensive Glossary of Phytochemicals and Fatty Acids elevate understanding. Sold over 100,000 Hardcover Copies.

“Conquering Any Disease Book is MONUMENTAL in significance… It has helped me, my family and my patients to become healthier.”

Dr. Claudia Gabrielle, MD

Dr. Claudia Gabrielle, MD
Ivy League Doctor

“I was so impressed that I read Conquering Any Disease book 3 times my first week! After study and passing exam I was certified by Jeff in this Food Healing program.”

Perrin Clark, MD

Perrin Clark, MD
Top Florida Surgeon

The CAD Book Covers the Following Conditions:

Allergies, Alzheimer’s, Memory, Anti-Viral, HIV, Hepatitis, Anemia, Arthritis, Inflammation, Asthma, Lung Disease, Autism, Cancer, Tumor, Immune Weakness Colds, Flu Virus, MRSA, Digestive, Constipation, IBS, Ulcers, Depression, PTSD, Diabetes, Eye, Vision, Diseases, Heart Disease, Stroke, Cholesterol Crystalization, Infertility, Insomnia, Kidney Stones, Liver Disease, Cirrhosis, MRSA, Infection, Menopause, Muscle Building, MS, Jing, Hair, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, Seizures, Sexual Power, Thyroid, Weight Loss.

Free Radical Science and what foods cause harm and why are also explained. Double bonds and color in pigments is explained and key to human evolution. Learn why Carotenoids and Steroids in food contain God’s highest medicine.

Section 1: Natural Healing Wisdom and Key Details
Section 2: Foods that Block the Healing Process
Section 3: Food, Herb, Mushroom Profiles Acai thru Zucchini
Section 4: Protocols for Diseases made Easy-to-Implement
Section 5: Diets of Today Reviewed Pros and Cons
Section 6: Phytochemical & Fatty Acid Appendix

Smoothie Formulas: Hardcover Coil 2018 Edition

Smoothie Formulas: Hardcover Coil


  • Awesome Tasting and the Highest-Phytochemical Recipes
  • Based on Latest Knowledge in Conquering Any Disease
  • Covers Common Diseases with Appropriate Smoothies

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Smoothie Formulas is fine tuned to perfection by blending connoisseurs and Food-Healing author Jeff Primack. Since selling the book for 15 years at Qi Revolution events nationwide, we’ve updated and improved every recipe. Now with Expanded Kids Healing Smoothies, more RED Foods and Nutrient Dense Purees.

Section 1: Smoothies for Specific Health Issues
Section 2: Smoothies for Maintaining Excellent Health
Section 3: Smoothies for Healthy Kids
Section 4: Healing Ice Cream
Section 5: Supreme Soups and Salads

We suggest becoming fully educated and learning why Smoothie Formulas has specific foods in each recipe. This recipe book works best with the Conquering Any Disease book to explain the bigger food picture.


Severe Asthma Gone!

“I averaged 6 asthma hospitalizations each year since diagnosed in 2000. However, I have not had one asthma attack since July 2010 since I began eating the foods Jeff recommended for asthma. I haven’t been wheezing and shortness of breath has vanished! The Smoothies are also great and I recommend them to my patients.”
-General C. Johnson, NMD


Leukemia Gone!

“In 2016, I was diagnosed with rapid growing Leukemia and doctors told me I had six months to live. I took what I learned in Conquering Any Disease and used it. I ate a lot of eggs, beets and huge amounts of smoothie. My husband thought I was crazy, but after 7 months my doctors told me the Leukemia was gone!”
-Monica Stecker


Osteoporosis Gone!

“In 2015, I had a DEXA scan and was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. The following year I dug into Conquering Any Disease book and began following the protocol. By 2017, they said I had NO more osteoporosis! My doctor couldn’t even believe it. If anyone out there doesn’t think this protocol works, I’m evidence it does.”
-Nancy Walterscheid

Qigong Comprehensive Training Manual

Qigong Comprehensive Training Manual

This manual contains the life’s work of Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack. After hosting 100’s of seminars with the most respected masters in the world he sought to create a system that had THE BEST OF THE BEST since he knew people had limited time. He developed and refined over many years techniques like 9-Breath Method, that experts said was more energy than they’d ever experienced in their life. Other Qigong wonders include three Qigong forms that has everyone raving within minutes of doing them. Whether you already work with energy or not…

This 3 level system of Qigong will dramatically enhance your metabolism, digestion, circulation of blood, secretion of hormones, your immune system and your connection to God, the one true source of all energy in the universe.

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Complete Wellness Package

Complete Wellness Package
(All 3 Books)

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