Qigong intelligently uses precise hand postures, smooth movements, and timed breathing to amplify light/magnetism that emits from our body. This light is called Qi in Chinese Medicine and is considered the force that moves blood. When Qi is increased, one quickly feels warmer, and the pulsation of blood is immediately strengthened. Our Qigong program is time-tested and proven effective. Five thousand instructors have been certified in Supreme Science Qigong routines, the most of any organization in the USA.

The healing power of Qigong has been demonstrated in China over thousands of years, and it has been practiced by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. The benefits of Qigong come from relief it provides for a multitude of chronic health issues like bone density, poor circulation, back pain, and even cancer.
We emphasize certain positions of hands and arms most conducive for amplifying Qi. You can feel the circulatory benefits right away when the movements are performed smoothly.

With a daily 30-minute practice, the health benefits are transformative for sleep, digestion, sex drive, focus and endurance. The Qi increasing over time gives a sense of warmth, confidence and groundedness.

Mental Health is a big concern in modern times. Talking about our problems with a counselor or loved one is helpful. However, when we do practices like Qigong and Nine Breath Method, our blood chemistry, endorphin production, and blood flow increases fueling our brain with more oxygen. Practicing helps with stress management, anger, anxiety, depression and negative thoughts.


Qigong is a standing meditation with specialized movements that generate a tangible magnetic feeling. As the magnetic field increases the blood circulation also increases. This makes Qigong feel amazing and almost everyone notices profound benefits from practicing.
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