The Five Energy Gates Of Qigong

Qigong can be used in many ways, one of which is to learn how to open the five energy gates of the body. Everybody can learn how to do this and gain the benefits.

What Are The Five Energy Gates?

The energy gates involved in Qigong are the points on the body that are considered energy access points. In other words, the points through which energy can enter or leave the body. These points directly relate to how much physical and emotional stability we feel day-to-day.

How Do I Open These Energy Gates?

Opening your energy gates involves a series of movements, but it starts with standing and scanning, moving on to a series of swaying and spine stretching movements.

What Is The Physical Process Of Opening My Energy Gates?

Targeting the first gate, found at the crown of the head, happens through standing. 

When we stand normally, we are not aware of how much is actually going on. There is a lot you can guide your body through when you stand. We don’t think of standing as being an activity in itself. Usually, it’s just a tiring thing that we think we shouldn’t be doing too much of. When we use the standing time to breathe and correct posture we access this gate.

The next four gates are found on two levels of the physical body. The first is in the hands, and the last is in the feet.

Opening these involves a series of swaying movements that work their way down the body and then the whole body. Your focus will be on your hands. The next point to focus on is the feet, activated through spinal stretches, while your whole body engages.

What Sensations Will I Feel When An Energy Gate Opens?

Through breathing and posture correction, you can induce a series of sensations. Some people describe this as a downward “rush,” as something heavy dropped down a well. This will take you inside yourself. This is the first gate. You will feel connected with your own body on an internal level that is strangely tangible.

The second and third gates will leave your hands feeling light. This is almost like moving in water. You can direct your arms but they seem to move without physical effort.

The fourth and fifth gates are aimed at creating a grounded sensation. By this point, your whole body will feel like your hands did. You have connected with yourself and created a sense of fluidity with what is around you.

You will definitely know when a gate is open.

Will I Struggle To Open My Energy Gates?

Many people will assume this practice is for masters of Qigong science or at least people who have some background in a similar practice. Actually, it is for everyone.

Is It Difficult To Open Energy Gates?

The movements are not difficult, but maybe you won’t feel the sensations described above straight away. This is fine. Take your body through the process and the sensations will come. The gates will open with practice and some focus.

You don’t need to stay in the first standing position until you feel the powerful sensation of moving inside yourself. If you want to work on this first step repeatedly until it feels right, you can also do that.

Who Can Access Their Energy Gates?

As stated, this is for everyone. All people can open their gates and all people will benefit from the practice. It can be done at any moment and it will become easier the more you try. Eventually, that bodily sensation of open gates can be evoked at will, very quickly, and at any time. It does not have to be something you do in private, alone, or when you have a lot of time.

Is This An Individual or Group Practice?

Some people find great benefit in group practices and feel much more sure of themselves when being guided through the movements while having the sensations described to them. This may also eliminate the fear of hurting yourself. But you can eventually do this practice on your own. If you prefer to work alone, having access to an animated video series that demonstrates Qigong movements helps tremendously.

How Can I Benefit From Opening The Five Energy Gates?

If you are asking why you would take the time to learn how to do this, let’s consider what can be gained from opening your five energy gates.

What Are The General Benefits Of Opening Energy Gates?

Even the average healthy person can feel better or perform better by knowing how to open their energy gates. It improves circulation and loosens muscles. Performance can be enhanced through this practice.

Anyone who feels like they are not focused or getting enough from their human experience can feel more connected or grounded by opening their energy gates.

Are There Real Health Benefits?

Of course! The practice helps with breathing conditions like asthma, and conditions of poor circulation. Conditions that involve the nervous systems, from anxiety to movement debilitating conditions, will see improvement.

What Effects Can I Expect From Opening My Energy Gates?

Your daily experiences will improve because your responses to experiences will change. If practiced continuously, it will have a significant and long-lasting impact on your health.

Qigong has health effects on its own, and combining this practice with intentional eating for healing has powerful effects on overall health and many diseases. The relationship between well-being and Qigong has been studied for many years. More recently, there have been studies around the relationship between western medicine and Qigong. For more information on how qigong can help you transform your mental and physical wellness, contact Supreme Science Qigong Center and learn life force energy practices at home for optimal health.

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