Conquering Any Disease 2020 edition

Jeff Primack, Founder of Supreme Science Qigong Center, Just Released the 2020 Edition of the Critically Acclaimed Food Healing Book ‘Conquering Any Disease’

Renowned author and founder of Supreme Science Qigong Center Jeff Primack published the original Conquering Any Disease book in 2005. Readily available food protocols were given for a wide variety of diseases. These protocols helped thousands to reverse disease naturally. The latest 2020 edition is being hailed as “monumental” by Ivy League Doctor Claudia Gabrielle, MD. Primack’s latest edition is a must-read for those seeking ways to heal themselves through food.

Conquering Any Disease

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla., December 17, 2019 ( – Qigong is the practice of increasing life force energy and improving quality of life. No one knows how to do this better than its founder and expert practitioner Jeff Primack. Primack not only founded the renowned Supreme Science Qigong Center in 1999 but has also spent years teaching and educating others on revolutionary ways to unlock their human potential.

“Conquering Any Disease,” one of Primack’s most insightful books, is packed with 300 pages of life-saving wisdom, was originally published in 2005. Now back by popular demand, the 2020 edition is giving some much-needed clarity on the latest diet trends such as keto, gluten-free, vegan and paleo to name a few, and whether these fads are harmful or beneficial.

Primack’s passion for natural, energy healing is evident as you read through his books which he uses as tools to pass his knowledge on to others. Through seminars and teachings, many people have come to learn about Primack’s belief and practice of natural healing through foods.

For the readers who enjoyed earlier editions of this book, the 2020 edition is the biggest update since the book was first published.

For new fans, this book promises to be both scientific and user-friendly. This food healing manual gives readers a lot to ponder about as they begin a journey toward optimal health with a little help learned through ancient truth.

“Qigong connects people to the spirit and natural state of being. What you eat contributes to your overall health, and it is possible to reverse health issues through natural food remedies. My book shows you how,” says Jeff Primack, author of Conquering Any Disease and founder of Supreme Science Qigong Center.

Supreme Science Qigong Center was founded by Jeff Primack in 1999. Since then, he has taught over 50,000 people in his Qi Revolution live seminars – dedicating his life to “teaching as many people as possible about natural healing through food, Qigong, meditation, and high-powered breathing.” He has collected his food-healing knowledge from countless sources, including well-known Qigong Masters & Naturopathic Doctors. For more information about Supreme Science Qigong Center, visit     

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