Breathwork In Qigong

The Benefits Of Proper Breathwork In Qigong

Qigong, recognized by the Chinese as a form of self-healing for over 5,000 years, breaks down into two parts: the “Qi,” or the life force energy which powers your mental, physical, and emotional strength and “Gong,” the practice of qi.

Practicing Qigong has shown to help people suffering from a variety of ailments like stress and stiff joints to nerve pain and cancer. One of the most central aspects of Qigong is the proper, meditative breathwork necessary to achieve the full amount of empowering health benefits.

Qigong Breathing

With a basis in Taoist breathing techniques, Qigong breathing is an effort to better connect our bodies with nature.

Belly Breaths

Also called diaphragmatic breathing, it is essential to practice breathing from your belly to better master your body. Belly breathing is when your diaphragm contracts upon inhaling to expand your lungs and draw air through your nose. Upon exhaling, the diaphragm expands and draws the air from your lungs and out through your mouth.

Breathwork And Types Of Qigong

There are four different types of Qigong but proper breathwork in each type is equally important.

The distinct types of Qigong include:

  1. Health/Medical Qigong: The focus of this discipline is to heal yourself or others through breathwork, meditation, and movements.
  2. Martial, Sport, Or Hard Qigong: Practicing this form of Qigong helps to condition your body to better perform in several types of sports.
  3. Spiritual Qigong: This discipline focuses on harmonizing your body and self with nature to achieve a higher level of tranquility.
  4. Scholarly Qigong: The most traditional form, scholarly qigong invites you to explore your human potential to push pass normal human limitations.

Benefits Of Breathwork

While the benefits of relaxation and stress relief through practicing Qigong are obvious, there is also a myriad of other advantages achievable through the proper technique.

Increase In Organ Function

By mastering the proper breathwork, you will, in a way, massage your internal organs which will increase your blood circulation.

Breathing in opens your lungs which draw in the fresh air, nutrients, and new blood while as you breathe out, your organs compress, releasing toxins, blood, and fluid.

This constant flow of movement helps to increase your organ function by cleansing and detoxifying.

Muscle And Joint Help

Breathwork, along with other Qigong movements, allows your joints and muscles to become more flexible and unlock their full potential.

Increasing the oxygen and blood flow your muscles and joints receive also naturally heals and strengthens them. It also helps to prolong and maintain their health for better life performance.

Heals Injuries

When we practice proper breathwork, we begin to increase our balance both within our bodies and throughout our lives.

This results in more fluid movement and less tense, more relaxed approach in situations that could cause injury. Stronger and healthier bones also help to prevent harm to our bodies. During the recovery process, Qigong helps as it gradually improves your movement and strength.

Beneficial For All Ages And Health

Many people are limited to the exercises they can complete due to a variety of issues such as ill-health, injury, or advanced age.

Because Qigong greatly ranges in levels of difficulty, absolutely anyone can pick the right practice for them. One can practice breathwork lying down or sitting up, which allows everyone to be able to reap the benefits.

Practice Anywhere

Breathwork can be done from any location. It is easy to practice right at work! This will help lower your blood pressure and heart rate, which will result in less stress and higher levels of concentration.

While you may see more benefits from practicing your breathwork in a quiet, peaceful area, you can even do it from the comfort of your couch.

Practice Qigong Breathing Techniques With Supreme Science Qigong Center

No matter your age, level of health, or reason for seeking out Qigong, understanding how to practice proper breathwork during the process will allow you to obtain the full range of benefits.

If you are ready to experience the inner buzz of breathwork, please look into Supreme Science Qigong Center’s Breath Empowerment Series or attend a Qi Revolution to unlock your body’s healing power today!

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