Welcome to Qigong.com, home of Supreme Science Qigong Center. We’re currently the largest school in North America with over 3000 Qigong Teachers certified to teach our routines! Our most current 2015 editions of Food Healing and Qigong learning products are considered by experts as the best materials available on these vitality enhancing arts. Enjoy your visit and practice more Qigong.

What Doctors Say About Our Program:

“I learned more about FOOD & NUTRITIONAL HEALING in 4-Days at the Qi Revolution seminar than I did in my entire time at Medical School and all other Continuing Education classes!”
– Dr. Claudia Gabrielle M.D. Salem, New Hampshire

“This system combines Qigong with Advanced Breathing Exercises that are PHENOMINALLY ENERGETIC! For 30 years I’ve practiced Tai Chi, but never felt Energy like this. You have the best program for Qigong.”
– Dr. Rick Agel M.D., A.P. Atlanta, GA

“I’ve intensively studied and practiced Tai Chi and Yoga for 40 Years, but had never felt ENERGY this powerful. I am now a Level-3 Qigong Facilitator and teach this program to many of my patients!”
– Dr. Larry Freeman M.D. Palo Alto, CA

Qigong Healing Level-1 DVD (2014 Upgraded Edition)
*Music created for Qigong with 2 soundtracks to choose from
*Animation captures the magnetic essence of Qigong
*Strengthens immunity, digestion & metabolism
*40-minute routine fills your body with energy
*3000 teachers certified in this Qigong form

$45Product Details
Conquering ANY Disease (2015 Updated Edition)
*Based on Specific Foods-Reverse-Specific Diseases
*Time-Tested with Thousands of Real Qigong Students
*Precise Functions of Key Foods, Herbs, Mushrooms
*2015/16 Edition is largest update in book’s history
*Hardcover 275 pages of Life-Saving Wisdom

$95Product Details
9-Breath Meditation Set (Kundalini, Qi Healing 6 CDs)
*Activates Pineal and Pituitary Gland for Anti-Aging
*Proven to Activate Kundalini Safely and Effectively
*Experts or Beginners Guaranteed Profound Results
*Includes Complete Theory for Advanced Meditation

$75Product Details

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