Our Qigong events feature music that gives goosebumps because the vibe is so high. Many people tell us that the music takes what we are doing to a whole other level and it is true. Music is the Universal language. The sounds on this CD have been carefully selected by Jami Deva and Jeff Primack because of how music amplifies the experience of Qi.

This CD features a continuous mix of the music used in the QI REVOLUTION Workshop during the break time. It features downtempo rhythmic selections from Tina Malia, Niraj Chag, Kaya Project, Noa Winter Lazerus, Karsh Kale, Tumbara, Jim Beckwith, Clinton Fearon and others. BREAKTHROUGH represents a treasury of some of Jami Deva’s favorite tracks of all time that illustrate the true power of music to elevate the mind and spirit. This CD is great for listening to anytime.

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