Experience the highest levels of human energy possible!
Learn cutting edge advances on FOOD TO REVERSE DISEASE in a gourmet style banquet and a live keynote presentation on the most important PHYTOCHEMICALS and exactly what foods are good to reverse what diseases.
That’s just what you experience on Friday evening...

Saturday and Sunday experience the most powerful Qigong techniques like Breath Empowerment and 9-Breath Method. Qigong Strength Training has become our most popular formin the last two years. The routine effectively builds muscleand promotes fat burn without lifting weights. This is our only Florida event in 2014. Banquet included in $99 weekend training is limited to first 1000 people.

Kissimmee, FL | Heritage Park Center
Asheville, NC | Crown Plaza Resort
Atlanta, GA | World Congress Center
Austin, TX | Converntion Center
Phoenix, AZ | Converntion Center
Los Angeles | Converntion Center
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Food-Based Healing

Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack has tested the effectiveness of these Food-Healing protocols with 50,000 real-life seminar students since 2005. Each year more people would speak of reversing diabetes, heart disease and cancer by following exactly what was laid out in the Conquering Any Disease book.

Over ten years of public seminars he expanded to learn about anti-viral, osteoporosis and so much more all by interviewing the ocean of people who attended these events and followed the wisdom.

We did a real life Gameshow called, “Name That Phytochemical” with 150 Advanced Food Healing Instructors this last year! We saw our exam scores used to certify our instructors dramatically increase and observed learning nutrition is more fun with a gameshow & prizes! Qigong National Event will see the second public gameshow. Audience is eligible to play.

Qigong Strength Training
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We teach a Qigong routine that gives muscular definition. It does this by challenging the nervous system in gentle yet powerful ways. Horsestance builds Qi and bone density according to clinical studies on weight bearing exercise. Master both fast and slow movements while learning to regulate Qigong breathing during challenging exercise.

“I’ve intensively studied and practiced Tai Chi and Yoga for 40 Years, but never had felt ENERGY this powerful. I now teach this same Qigong & Food Knowledge to my patients!” - Dr. Larry Freeman M.D. Palo Alto, CA

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