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“I’ve intensively studied and practiced Tai Chi and Yoga for 40 Years, but never had felt ENERGY this powerful. I now teach this same Qigong & Food Knowledge to my patients!” – Dr. Larry Freeman M.D. Palo Alto, CA
   Feel the Energy and experience the benefits of Qigong! QIGONG MOVEMENTS circulate more blood than jogging with less effort. Qigong is profoundly physical and biologically evolves your being. World record holders for Ice Endurance use QIGONG BREATHING to stay warm and control circulation to the extremities. Qigong is about bringing out your highest potential.
    Avocado seed is used in our healing smoothies along with other foods that grow on the tree of life. FOOD HEALING is our passion and the Conquering Any Disease book explains our protocols and everything you could want to know about Phytochemicals and Nutrition.
     Many couples report better sex and relations after practicing Qigong together as it tangibly builds/connects people’s magnetic field. All of this energy development leads to our Higher Human Potential. Choose your highest life possibility. Enjoy the time you have and practice Qigong.

Featured Products

Special Animated Qigong Healing L-1 DVD
    • 40-minute routine fills your body with energy
    • Easy to use gives noticeable results immediately
    • Video captures the magnetic essence of Qigong
    • Strengthens immunity, digestion & metabolism
    • Nationwide 3000 teachers certified in this form
Conquering ANY Disease (Food-Healing Protocols)
    • Based on Specific Foods-Reverse-Specific Diseases
    • Time-Tested with Thousands of Real Students
    • Precise Functions of Key Foods, Herbs, Mushrooms
    • 2014/15 Edition is largest update in book’s history
    • Hardcover 200 pages of Life-Saving Wisdom
9-Breath Meditation Series (Qi Healing, Kundalini 6 CDs)
    • Activates Pineal and Pituitary Gland for Anti-Aging
    • Proven to Activate Kundalini Safely and Effectively
    • Experts or Beginners Guaranteed Profound Results
    • Includes Complete Theory for Advanced Meditation