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Qigong is a lifestyle and harnesses energy from special movements, breath methods and uses specific foods to reverse specific diseases. Everyone has a healing hand and anyone can benefit with practice.

“This system combines Qigong with Breathing Exercises that are PHENOMENALLY ENERGETIC. In 30 years of practicing Tai Chi, this is the strongest chi I’ve ever felt.”

– Rick Agel M.D., A.P. Surgeon – Atlanta, GA

We are Supreme Science Qigong Center, founded 2001. Today 4,000 teachers around the USA are certified instructors in our organization. Our Qigong videos are of highest quality with realistic animation and clear instruction. Our Food Healing seminar covers the latest science.

We’ve stopped making DVDs and our Videos are now available ONLINE. Vimeo OnDemand plays our HD Videos on TV’s, Computers and Phones. Purchases “Stream Anytime” for Life. Enjoy the website and do Qigong.


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Food Healing Video Seminar

Many diseases start and reverse with FOOD. Learn what heals the body. Conquering Any Disease food program is time-tested by thousands of real students to help reverse diabetes, cancer, heart disease, digestive problems, asthma, arthritis etc. eating a “High-Phytochemical Diet”.

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HD Video: 4 Hours 56 Min – Jeff Primack presents Food Healing from live Qi Revolution and advanced classes. Video released January 2017 science-supported by 500 beautiful slides.

Bonus footage: 30 Minutes – Dr. Claudia Gabrielle, MD

Introduces Conquering Any Disease system and explains Free Radical Science about killer foods. Make sure relatives and people you love learn about radicals! Jeff Primack outlines properties of 18 Categories of Phytochemicals and then covers most compelling science of every healing food of importance Acai thru Watermelon. Bonus footage, Dr. Claudia Gabrielle, MD gives 30 minute presentation on recent changes in medicine and foods to boost serotonin for helping depression.


Qigong Healing Level 1 Form Video

Qi moves blood and energy in profound ways. Digestion improves and circulation is enhanced within minutes of practice. Take our Qi Challenge to practice everyday 30 days. Level-1 and Level-2 Qigong forms are the most powerful routines we teach and both are loved by live audiences for over a decade.

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Preview Qigong Level 1

HD Video – 42 Min: Routine takes place in bamboo garden with realistic energy animation and custom music. Level-1 is our main practice and the video’s animation deepens your experience of Qi. Thousands of instructors in America have learned to teach using this video. Noticeably strengthens magnetic field and increases energy. Video first released in 2005, upgraded in 2007 and HD remastered 2013.

Includes Bonus – 10 Min: Walking Qigong. Filmed in gardens footage shows three ways to Strengthen Qi while walking.


Qigong Healing Level 2 Form Video

Level-2 HD Video is the most recent Qigong creation released in 2017. The routine is fun, powerful and it’s animation took years to produce. Originally released in 2007, it appears here a decade later with better animations, camera views and top film production.

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HD Video – 34 Min: Routine takes place under a night sky and emphasizes connecting to God, Source and Stars. It uses Blood and Qi washing movements and ends with 9-Breath Method to leave you feeling euphoric, oxygenated and living your best life. It is an awesome Qigong practice with realistic energy animation and custom music.

Includes Bonus – 15 Min: Nine-Breath Method with Jeff and Kai. These two instructors who have taught together for ten years share their most powerful breathing technique more precisely.