Experience a euphoric Qigong Healing practice session once a week with expert Jeff Primack. These zoom classes give exact details on Qigong posture, breathwork and help facilitate deep healing at the day’s end and during sleep. No previous experience is needed to participate.

Evening Qigong Practice

Evening Qigong Practice

“Qigong class was lovely. I’m so glad you posted the replay as I did not get to it until later. And yes, I slept very well because of it. Your voice level and clarity were good and your comments made it easy to follow.” – Naomi Bradford

“Participating Live has it’s own power, different from following a pre-recorded video. Thank you for tapping into that power.” – Esther Lindsay

“Even though we are all going through challenging times, the Qigong class really helped me today too with the Spiritual and Emotional aspects of my being. Mahalo.” – Tracy Ash

“Powerful session! Love the practice! So supportive in continuing to deepen my own personal practice.” – Alex Shipman

“I genuinely enjoyed class today. I felt connected through the Ether to everyone practicing. What a blessing.” – Reuben Schooler

“I am loving your Live Qigong zoom classes— the slow pace, soft inspiring music, detailed directions, insightful commentary, it’s like being with you.” -Julie Corliss

“You rock Jeff, love your enthusiasm! After years of studying with you, these practices are now having a profound impact in my life.” –Matt Chotkowski

“These Zoom classes give the feeling of a one-to-one connection with you as the teacher, beyond what I experienced at your in-person seminars.” –Lori Rhoades

“I am really enjoying your Qigong classes. I truly appreciate your authentic love and vulnerability for everyone.” -Sandie Mazurek

“Loved spending the hour with you today. Your depths of emotions touched all that you come in contact with.” – Dr. Ann Swanson

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