THE BOX SET:  Level-1, Level-2, Level-3

  • All the Qigong Forms taught in our 4-Day Events
  • Taught to over 40,000 people LIVE in seminars
  • RAVE REVIEWS from experienced Qigong & Energy Therapist

Having the tools to learn Qigong correctly in the beginning makes all the difference. These 6 DVDs took over 10 years to produce and that’s because they are Precise Detailed Teachings communicated to thousands of people in live seminars… then further refined and only delivered in the most palatable way based on actually teaching REAL people.
The Box Set contains all three Qigong DVDs packaged beautifully in a nice box. Covers Qigong Level-1 Routine, Healing Meditation, Taoist Stretching, Qigong Walking, Qigong Level-2 Routine, Nine-Breath Method in Precise Detail, Level-3 Wuji Create Your Own Form and the 7 Wuji Style Movements.Save $10 plus the cost of shipping multiple items when you buy the box set.

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