Benefits Of Qigong Healing

The Benefits Of Qigong Healing

Qigong is a growing practice worldwide, known to have benefits for both body and mind. Studies have shown several benefits of Qigong, proving its effect on our holistic health. While there are many benefits that can be explored, we focus on the main benefits of Qigong healing for you here.

1.) Increases Strength, Muscular Stability, and Flexibility

Qigong consists of a wide range of dynamic movement, stimulating the body’s muscles by working them as a whole. It increases blood flow as you practice, providing more circulation and nourishment within the body. The body’s cells are receiving more oxygen and nutrients, therefore improving their overall function. Qigong also increases your range of motion and flexibility as many of the movements include a natural dynamic stretch.

2.) Lowers Blood Pressure

Qigong not only focuses on movement but also on controlled breathing. The combination of controlled breathing with movement helps shut down the sympathetic nervous system (our flight and fight response). At the same time, it engages in the parasympathetic nervous system, where digestion functioning and lowering of blood pressure occur. This helps increase blood circulation and lower high blood pressure as the body learns to relax.

3.) Increases Happy Hormones and Reduces Stress

Qigong is also known to increase the production of our natural ‘happy hormones’ such as serotonin and dopamine in the brain. These neurotransmitters give us the good feelings that we so often crave after a stressful day. Since the mind and body are connected, Qigong teaches the body to move in such a way to calm the nervous system. This helps the body release these hormones, calming our minds as well. It also reduces the amount of cortisol, the hormone that is responsible for our prolonged stress responses.

4.) Improves the Function of Internal Organs

Because Qigong can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, it increases and improves digestive functioning. The controlled breathing and movement cause movement in our digestive tract. The controlled breathing is known as pranayama breathing, which is a deeper and more expansive type of breath that helps us receiver proper oxygenation. When the body receives more oxygen, our overall cell functioning within our organs improves. This type of breathing also creates pressure on our internal organs, causing toxins to be released to make room for more nutrients.

Most people do not engage in pranayama breathing. Instead, we tend to breathe only into the upper part of the chest using unnecessary muscles instead of the diaphragm. This results in only one-third of the oxygen intake that we could actually have. The up and down movement of the diaphragm stimulates the digestive tract, causing food to move along the gut. This affects the amount of nutrient absorption in the gut, as well as the elimination of toxins (bowel movement).

5.) Prevents Physical Injuries

Qigongs’ sequence of movements brings blood circulation to our muscles and joint areas. This increases the healing process of any injuries, allowing them to recover and strengthen. Naturally, stronger muscles, more flexibility, and healthier joints will prevent injuries. Qigong also helps prevent injuries by allowing the entire body to relax, where tension often leads to injury.

6.) Promotes a Healthy Mind

Most people do not realize that they constantly jump between the past or the future in their mind and thoughts. We think about things that we could have done better, or worry about how bad the traffic will be as you get in the car. As humans in the present day, we are often wasting energy thinking about things that cannot be changed, and we fail to live in the present moment.

The present moment is a healthy state of mind, as our brains are in constant stress mode when we jump back and forth into the past and future every moment. Qigong acts as a form of meditation, using controlled breathing and movement that helps us achieve peace and stillness. It teaches us to focus our minds on what is happening now, allowing ourselves to just ‘be.’ By promoting a healthy mind, we can reduce the physical effects that stress can have on our immune system and our body’s health in general.

7.) Improves Quality of Sleep

Many people experience a link between stress and sleep. As Qigong lowers blood pressure and stress levels, it is also known for improving the quality and duration of sleep. For those who cannot sleep due to stress or anxiety, Qigong may be a natural solution for healthier sleeping patterns. Qigong also helps heal physical injuries, which is also known to cause poor quality sleep.

8.) Suitable for the Ill, Elderly, and the Physically Handicapped

Qigong is gentle on the body. It is a softer body-weight exercise, increasing flexibility, balance and strength that is suitable for almost anyone. It provides a calmer physical and mental challenge, so anybody can enjoy the benefits of Qigong, even the ill, physically handicapped or the elderly.

Now that you know of the eight overwhelming benefits of Qigong healing, start practicing today and discover the effects of these benefits on your body. Our Qigong videos are available as guided level 1 and 2 forms, for anyone who is willing to practice right away. Take care of your body, it’s the only one you have.

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