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Complete Qigong Video Package

VIMEO is a world leader in HD Video streaming providing crisp resolution and fast play speed for our friends worldwide. TVs, Phones and Pads can use Vimeo’s Free App or watch at:

VIDEO package saves $125 off ordering separately and allows you to PLAY ALL our Qigong and Food Healing Videos for life. Payments for Videos are processed through Vimeo.


Qigong Level-1 HD Video – 42 Min: Routine with realistic energy animation and custom music. Level-1 is our main practice and the video’s animation deepens experience of Qi.

Qigong Level-2 HD Video – 34 Min: Routine with realistic energy animation and custom music. Bonus Jeff/Kai explain 9-Breath Method.

Qigong Level-3 HD Video – 40 Min: Animated instruction in 7 Wuji movements. Learn to step and balance like a Tai Chi expert.

Qigong Strength Training Video – 43 Min: Intense routine with warm up, Tao stretching, body-weight exercises and more.

Guided Breath Empowerment Series – Two 30 Min practices.
9-Breath Method Series – Three 45 Min practices

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