“Cooking with Qi”  High-Phytochemical COOKBOOK:   Hardcover 2016 RED Edition

  • Delicious Cooked Meals, Healing Sauces & Regenerative Desserts
  • RED Paste and Foods Scientifically Shown to Prevent and Reverse Disease
  • Based on latest version of Conquering Any Disease (Scientific Edition)
Eating RED foods is more healing than other colors – according to current Free Radical Science. Red foods contain more electrons than orange, yellow or green and and are “far superior” to neutralize radicals. Legends from Hawaii and Asia speak of RED foods having higher energy properties. This is now pure science. Orange peppers have 2mg carotenoids per pepper, while RED peppers have 22mg! Eat RED to Stay Ahead!

Carotenoids when COOKED are made brighter/more conjugated and absorb in humans better than raw. RED and Cooking science is explained beautifully and book references compelling studies regarding food. All dishes are made with coconut or butter oils to increase metabolism and reduce pain. This is a Free of Free Radicals Cookbook!

Raw & Cooked Meals:  Healing Pies, Pastes, Pastas, Soups, Brownies, Sandwiches, Satisfying Tarts and beyond. Primary food Ingredients for each recipe have been selected by Author of CAD book, Jeff Primack and meals are carefully crafted on function of the phytochemicals, herbs, vegetables etc.  All recipes presented have earned praise with real people at live events. 2016 RED edition added thirty new recipes and fun supportive science. *Please note:  Only Conquering Any Disease book contains protocols.

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