NEW! Advanced 9-Breath Method: Gentle Kundalini Activation CD

  • Guided Meditation leads to VIBRATORY BLISS like you’ve never experienced
  • Takes the Power of 9-Breath Method and makes it atleast 3 Times More Powerful
  • In-depth Theory CD on the technique ensures precise understanding
  • Focuses on GENTLY Awakening Kundalini (Root Chakra) Using Time-Tested Visualizations

Kundalini is held, by Divine Intelligence, inside your root chakra and is said to be the energy behind procreation. When Kundalini is ACTIVATED it rises up the spine and FEEDS the nervous system. Increased sexual energy, hormones and overall vitality are the benefits. To say that one’s Kundalini is active is to say that their root chakra is open and feeding the nervous system. We use special visualizations and Advanced 9-Breath method for gently activating Kundalini.

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