“NAME THAT PHYTOCHEMICAL” (Fun Effective Learning Game)

  • Master the Knowledge of Food Based Healing
  • Premium Flash Cards & Witty Answers Great for Family Learning
  • Designed for Home Study with 2015-2016 Conquering Any Disease Book

Name That Phytochemical was born out of a desperate need to assist our most advanced food-healing instructors in passing the brutal 250 question exam that evaluates comprehension in our knowledge. Many years went by with only “25% of the Class” passing the test. Jeff longed for a way to improve students understanding of the unique properties, functions, names of phytochemicals and what foods are good for what conditions. At the certification in 2013, one hundred and fifty students (who studied hard) played this as a real “Gameshow” with prizes, lights, buzzers and Jeff giving precise answers in a hilarious and entertaining way.

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