Level-3 Qigong Wuji Style – Fully Animated HIGH DEFINITION BLU-RAY & STANDARD DVD

  • Precise Detailed Instructions, Theory and Animations for WUJI FREE-FORM QIGONG
  • 7 Wuji Style Movements are equal to learning thousands of Qigong Movements
  • LETS YOU CREATE your own Qigong Form

Wuji is a spontaneous practice of Qigong where a person does not dwell on their next movement. Like artwork… a unique form is created where creativity is allowed to express itself. This is a SLOW DANCE through magnetic energy.The instruction teaches 7 Wuji Style Movements, which are broad categories of Qigong moves that are used in thousands of Qigong forms. Learning these “”Energetic Principles”” allows you to create forms like a Qigong Master on your first try.Instructors report “”Cosmic Experiences”” when practicing the L-1 or L-2 Standing Qigong Forms and closing with Wuji. Words ultimately can not describe the Wuji. It can only be experienced.

  • Complete Breakdown of all the subtleties behind 7 Wuji Movements.
  • Highest Quality Animation shows clearly what is happening and how to increase Qi.
  • Explains how to Transition from 1 move to the next seemlessly
  • Special Bonus: 60 Advanced Instructors in ultra-deep Wuji Practice

Includes: Two 1 Hour DVDs Standard DVD & High-Definition BLU-RAY

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