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Foods That Heal: Ginger

Ginger is well known for being a healthy herb, but not many people know that food can be used as medicine.

It has multiple healing properties and has been used by a wide variety of different cultures across the years for the same purpose: gaining health benefits.

In western medicine, ginger comes in many forms, from being ground up and concentrated into tablets to being cooked into meals. In India and China, it has been well known for spicing teas, cooking with vegetables, soups, and stews, and is often eaten raw for numerous health benefits.

What Does It Contain?

Gingerol is the main unique bioactive oil compound in it, giving ginger its medicinal properties and spicy fragrance. The following are known benefits backed by scientific studies and years of use:

Anti-Nausea Properties

One of the most common uses for ginger is its natural ability to settle a nauseated stomach. Because it’s a natural herb it is safe to use for pregnant women, making it ideal for curbing morning sickness!

Prevents The Risk Of Heart Disease

It is well known that the foods you eat can have a strong influence on LDL cholesterol levels. High levels of bad cholesterol (known as LDL lipoproteins) are linked to an increased risk of heart disease, and according to a study published in nutrition, ginger can reduce the number of oxidized lipoproteins in the body, in turn lowering the risk of heart disease.

Antioxidant Properties

Antioxidants are useful for combating oxidative stress, as antioxidants act as a neutralizer in the body by attaching to harmful free-radicals and rendering them useless.

Free-radicals are often caused by stress and an unhealthy lifestyle and are associated with the cause of numerous diseases.

Ginger is rich in antioxidants, which is why it is known for combating diseases caused by oxidative stress.

Prevents Cancer

Ginger has been shown in numerous studies by cancer prevention research to reduce the proliferation of cancer cells. It has been known to prevent the cycle from occurring and to induce apoptosis in diving cancerous cells, which is a form of programmed cell death.


Because diabetes is a result of poor blood sugar control, ginger’s ability to improve blood sugar levels can effectively stabilize blood sugar levels in diabetics, making it an ideal natural medicine.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Ginger can be used for general pain relief, owing to its inflammatory properties. It can aid a variety of symptoms such as osteoarthritis and menstrual cramps. It has also been known for reducing inflammatory problems caused by allergies or diet issues.

How To Use Ginger

Ginger is or is not the favorite of many due to its spicy taste, however, there are a variety of ways to consume it that can be easy and tasty too! The following are various ways to add it to your diet:

  • Fresh ginger root: This is the purest form and the best way to consume it, as its benefits are enjoyed best when it is consumed as whole food. You can slice it and brew it in hot water for tea, juice it for your smoothies, or just eat it raw as a snack. Dried ginger or ginger juice can also be incorporated into snacking habits on a daily basis and should be encouraged.
  • Ground ginger: Powdered ginger is also great to use for baking and cooking, and can be added to recipes for tea.
  • Ginger capsules: This is the easiest and most tasteless way to get ginger into your diet. The capsules can be consumed easily with a glass of water, the same you would take other pill forms of medication.
  • Ginger oil: Ginger oil can be taken orally or topically to treat pain. This oil has many soothing properties and is often used for massages.

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If you are not used to cooking with it, a good place to start is the internet, as you can find many ginger recipes online.

The more you research and discover the miracle of food, the better understanding you’ll have of this miracle food substance. At the Supreme Science Qigong Center, you can learn all about conquering various diseases with food healing, as well as the power and health benefits of Qi and more health-related information.

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