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Conquering ANY Disease Specific FOODS Reverse Specific Diseases Learn the Modern Science of Food-Healing

Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack published the 1st edition of Conquering Any Disease in 2005.  Food Protocols recommended have been tested to work with thousands of real people and are backed by supportive science.  Several prominent doctors recommend these same food protocols to their open-minded patients. In 2020, book was given it’s largest revision with a new phytochemical appendix, updated food protocols to reverse cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, osteoporosis and more.  Book is easy to read and meets demands of today’s scientific method showing sources.

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We present our case below for eating more antioxidants as food.
While most others suggest food powders, bars & pills, we follow a 
natural path and suggest eating real food to be your healthiest.
-Claudia Gabrielle, MD   Ivy League Physician    Salem, NH   
“I’ve practiced medicine for 25 years in America, Europe and India. 
The Conquering Any Disease book is MONUMENTAL for medicine. 
My patients are getting off medications and onto Food Healing.”

What is the Cause of Most Killer Diseases?


Science knows most disease is OXIDATION! 
What are NATURE'S best antioxidants?  
We're glad you asked...

Some Antioxidants are stored 
by the Brain…

Research reveals Carotenoids as 
Nature's Top Antioxidant in Food. 


Are there foods to help reverse cancer?

Jennifer Maloney's Dad was given 2 weeks to live by doctors.  
Four years later he's ALIVE and running restaurant full time! 

Cholesterol Improves Cancer Outcomes 


Detoxification is a major component 
of naturally reversing cancer. 


"We have seen hundreds of people 
naturally reverse cancer using food"

Qigong Food Healing

Are there foods to help rebuild bones?

Margaret Ann's mom fell and broke her hip...

Using our BONE protocol she healed her fracture lightning fast amazing all
her doctors and nurses!

Bones require sufficient Vitamin K2 and Silica Food-based nutrients to repair at full potential. 


Silica is the most important mineral for bones.

Supplementing Calcium is dangerous for health. 


Are there foods to reverse heart disease?

Michael Hood lowered cholesterol 
eating a high saturated fat diet!

Eggplant is packed with phytochemicals that 
lower cholesterol and improve fat metabolism.


Okra is powerful medicine for heart disease...
Onion is a blood thinner and HDL cholesterol booster.


Are there foods to help fight viruses?

Emily's HIV viral count was in millions before starting our Anti-Viral Food Protocol...

We've seen cases of Hepatitis, HIV and other viral counts lowered on high intakes of saturated fat.


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