FOOD HEALING 2015 Holiday Package

  • Conquering Any Disease: 275 Pages (10 Year Scientific Edition)
  • Cooking with Qi: Healing Cookbook (Hardcover 2016 RED Edition)
  • Smoothie Formulas: Our Top 95 Healing Smoothies
  • Name That Phytochemical: Fun Learning Game

This holiday package is our best value to walk a Food-Healing lifestyle and radiate health that others will notice. All ESSENTIAL materials are included. 2015-2016 edition of Conquering Any Disease, is the largest update since the book’s first release. Cooking with Qi RED Edition is more packed with Disease Reversing recipes than ever. Package even contains ‘Name That Phytochemical’, our biggest hit for kids and nutritionally interested families who want to learn how food effects body functions and conditions. *Holiday coupon code expires Dec 24th.

Purchased Separately $270
Holiday Package with Coupon $202.50

*Enter 25% off coupon at checkout: Qiholiday2015

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