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Creating Your Atmosphere For Meditation Exercises

Meditation is a very personal experience for anyone and there is no right or wrong way to practice the discipline. Saying that, it is still vital to create an atmosphere in which you feel a level of comfort and relaxation that you find conducive to practice meditation exercises, including mindfulness meditation and Qigong. Here we discuss how to create that space for any budget and size.

Choose A Location

When we think of creating an atmosphere for meditation, many of us may think about lush gardens or tranquil waterfalls. However, having convenient access to those areas is a different story. It is crucial to choose an area where you feel comfortable. This area could be a spare bedroom, in your backyard, or even just a corner of an office you dedicate to meditation exercises.

Keep It Clean

One of the main goals of meditation exercises is to create a realm of simplicity and calmness. When you keep your meditation atmosphere clean, it is much easier to keep your mind fresh, clear, and focused. A cluttered meditation area also means you are more likely to suffer from distraction. For example, if you meditate in the same room you pay your bills, you may be more likely to focus on your current stress rather than your meditation.

Bring In Nature

A huge part of practicing meditation exercises is bringing ourselves back to the serenity of peacefulness of nature. Even if you are unable to create an atmosphere in nature, it is possible to help create a serene setting in any location is to bring in small objects from nature, such as crystals and herbs. Many also find it helpful to hang artwork that is reminiscent of nature. It is also beneficial to open the windows to create an atmosphere more aligned with nature.

Establish Boundaries And Intentions

It is vital that you set physical and energetic boundaries for your atmosphere to put your mind at ease and increase your focus. This idea is still accurate whether you have a meditation area at your home or you have five minutes to meditate before your flight. Equally important is announcing your intentions for the area by focusing on your gratitude for the area and also to cast out negative energy.

Lights And Music

We often have a challenging time understanding how much of an impact lights and music have on us. This can be either helpful or a hindrance when it comes to meditation. Bright lights and loud music or other forms of noise pollution are not only a physical distraction; it can also lead to mental strains and blocks. On the other hand, soft music and lighting can help us put our minds to ease and set a more peaceful atmosphere.

Comfortable Seating

For the most part, meditation is spent either sitting or lying down. Whether you are spending ten minutes or more than an hour meditating, it is essential to remain comfortable to reap the full realm of benefits. Whether you decide to go with a yoga mat, pillow, blanket, or even a chair, being comfortable is key to allowing for the full connection between your mind and body. As equally important, proper seating and posture will allow for better energy flow and posture.

Creating your atmosphere for meditation exercises does not have to cost you an arm and a leg, no matter if you are overhauling an entire room or just a private corner. Dedicating a specific area for meditation not only allows you to practice the discipline more mindfully but also more motivated to do as such. If you have any questions about creating your atmosphere, call us today at 1-800-298-8970.

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