CAD Book Physical 2017

The CAD Book Covers the Following Conditions:

Allergies, Alzheimer’s, Memory, Anti-Viral, HIV, Hepatitis, Anemia, Arthritis, Inflammation, Asthma, Lung Disease, Autism, Cancer, Tumor, Immune Weakness Colds, Flu Virus, MRSA, Digestive, Constipation, IBS, Ulcers, Depression, PTSD, Diabetes, Eye, Vision, Diseases, Heart Disease, Stroke, Cholesterol Crystalization, Infertility, Insomnia, Kidney Stones, Liver Disease, Cirrhosis, MRSA, Infection, Menopause, Muscle Building, MS, Jing, Hair, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, Seizures, Sexual Power, Thyroid, Weight Loss.

Conquering Any Disease Hardcover Textbook

  • 10-Year Anniversary Scientific Edition with Most Compelling Studies
  • Food Protocols based on Results of Thousands of Qigong Students.
  • First Book to Quantify Key Pigments/Phytochemicals in ALL Foods.
  • Our Most Important Food Book Explaining All You Need to Know.

Includes: 275 Pages Life Saving Wisdom. Hardcover Textbook Color. Easy to read and science supported, book engages all types of people to eat God’s most healing foods. Extensive Glossary of Phytochemicals and Fatty Acids elevate understanding. Sold over 100,000 Hardcover Copies.

Free Radical Science and what foods cause harm and why are also explained. Double bonds and color in pigments is explained and key to human evolution. Learn why Carotenoids and Steroids in food contain God’s highest medicine.

  1. Section 1: Natural Healing Wisdom and Key Details
  2. Section 2: Foods that Block the Healing Process
  3. Section 3: Food, Herb, Mushroom Profiles Acai thru Zucchini
  4. Section 4: Protocols for Diseases made Easy-to-Implement
  5. Section 5: Phytochemical & Fatty Acid Appendix


Smoothie Formulas: Hardcover Coil 2018 Edition

  • 10-Year Anniversary Edition w/Pepper Paste Alchemy
  • Awesome Tasting and the Highest-Phytochemical Recipes
  • Based on Latest Knowledge in Conquering Any Disease
  • Covers Common Diseases with Appropriate Smoothies

Smoothie Formulas is fine tuned to perfection by blending connoisseurs and Food-Healing author Jeff Primack. Since selling the book for 10 years at Qi Revolution events nationwide, we’ve updated and improved every recipe. Now with more RED foods, Pepper Paste Alchemy and Carotenoid Science.

  1. Section 1: Smoothies for Specific Health Issues
  2. Section 2: Smoothies for Maintaining Excellent Health
  3. Section 3: Smoothies for Healthy Kids
  4. Section 4: Healing Ice Cream
  5. Section 5: Supreme Soups and Salads
  6. Section 6: Alchemy/Primack Pepper Paste Formula

We suggest becoming fully educated and learning why Smoothie Formulas has specific foods in each recipe. This recipe book works best with the Conquering Any Disease book to explain the bigger food picture.


Food Healing: Cooking with Qi 2018 Red Edition

Cookbook of the High Phytochemical Kind Delicious Meals, Healing Sauces, Regenerative Desserts, RED Foods Section for Highest Free Radical Protection Updated Reflects Wisdom of latest Conquering Any Disease.

Cooking with Qi is an extraordinary collection of phytochemical-rich hot meals that satisfy. Ingredients for each recipe have been selected by Food-Healing Author, Jeff Primack and meals are carefully crafted on function of the phytochemicals, herbs, vegetables etc.

Asparagus to Zucchini, all these recipes have been fed to live audiences and at retreats. We have fed huge audiences of people these creations and everyone licks their plates. Healing Pies, Pastes, Pastas, Soups, Brownies, Sandwiches, Asparagus Tarts and more.

  1. Section 1: RED Foods and Cardiovascular Recipes
  2. Section 2: Bitter Melon and Insulin Healing Recipes
  3. Section 3: Immune Function, Cancer, Detox Recipes
  4. Section 4: Osteoporosis, Pain, Inflammation Recipes
  5. Section 5: Jing/Hair, Parkinson’s, Brain Recipes


Complete Book Package

We have two packages sharing the best of our Qigong and Food Healing wisdom. Our fulfillment house SHIPS BOOKS same or next day. Vimeo processes all VIDEO purchases giving stream anytime ownership.

BOOKS package is for people who love learning about Food and how it effects us. Our books are easy-to-read, science supported and recipes are easy to prepare. Saves $30 with FREE SHIPPING on this package.

  1. Conquering Any Disease — Food Science & Protocols
  2. Smoothie Formulas — Healing Smoothie, Snacks, Pepper Paste
  3. Cooking with Qi — Hot Meals, Healing Sauces, Desserts

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