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After graduating from University of Florida in 1999, Jeff Primack founded the Supreme Science Qigong Center. He began flying in many Qigong masters from China to teach seminars publically in the USA.
As a result of training intensively in many Qigong styles, Jeff began formulating his program based on what movements and breathwork gave the strongest flow of energy. In 2005, Jeff began teaching large audiences his Qigong program at convention centers around the USA.
Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack began his journey with the energy arts in 1996 as a student at University of Florida. He was fortunate to meet Professor Tanya Storch, who trained him in 5-Elements and Qi healing practices. He graduated from UF with a bachelor’s in business and a minor degree in world religious studies. When college ended, there was a knowing in his heart that Qigong was the next big thing. From 2000-2005, Jeff began flying to the United States masters of Qigong from China, Europe & Canada who’d practiced for 40 years or more. With his passion for Qi and business, he successfully marketed events for great teachers across the USA.

Jeff intensely practiced dozens of Qigong styles before creating his own routines. Level-1 form was taught for the first time in 2003. It was formulated to give people the strongest magnetic Qi feeling possible. Today, 5000 people are certified to teach these methods.

In 2005, the Qi Revolution seminar became the largest Qigong event in the USA, with audiences of 200 to 2000 people. For 18 years, Jeff has continued giving CE (continuing education) hours to tens of thousands of massage therapists and nurses. This requires us to uphold the highest educational standards.

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LightBody Activation 12-Week Course
12 Life-Changing Presentations & Meditations

Qigong Healing Complete Library
7 Hours of Powerful Qigong Videos + 3 Books

Food Healing Complete Library
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LightBody Activation is Jeff’s most raw, unfiltered and advanced

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