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Accelerate your healing process and master the Qi with our award winning books & videos. Our books are beautiful hardcover textbooks and our videos are "Qi-Animated” with precise clear instruction that assures your success.  Ignite your quest for physical transformation by combining Food-Healing with Qigong, getting results in weeks that often take years.

We ship all orders the same or next business day. If you have any question please email us at info@qigong.com and a trained qigong instructor will get back with you the same day. Our commitment is to enhancing your well being.  Thank you for supporting Qigong.

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Qigong Healing & Energy Level-1 Form on DVD: 2014 Upgraded Edition!
*Qi-Animation utilizes the latest advances in teaching technology
*Camera angles superior to most other videos helping reveal key details
*Stronger routine after 10 years of teaching and evolving the practice
*Circulation, Digestion, Immunity benefits established with 3000 teachers of this routine

We amped up the POWER of this routine with new PULSING TECHNIQUES and strategically placed SUBTLTIES OF QI after teaching the form for 10 years!!! Things evolve, as you know. This is not just a new set of mindblowingly realistic Qi animations, rather it is another version of the Level-1 Qigong Form entirely.

It is the same routine, but different enough that everyone out there who loved the old Level-1 DVD will surely want this one. It has slower breaths, fewer repetitions, longer pulses and presses. TWO MUSIC SOUNDTRACKS are available to choose from depending on your mood.

Routine has profound effects on Blood Circulation, Digestion, Immunity and virtually all body functions. Proven effective and fun by thousands of teachers certified nationwide in this routine.

Includes: 40 minutes of highly effective Qigong.
2 Identical Discs: High Definition BLURAY and Standard DVD.

NEW - Qigong Strength Training DVD - Hardcore Qi Fitness for Jedi
*Get in the Ultimate Shape of Your Life
*Combines the Best of Qigong, Kung Fu & Power Breathing
*With Realistic Energy Animations to increase learning and results
*Features Inspirational Techno Music to help push you past your limits
HyperThrows are VERY FAST qigong movements to help increase fast-twitch muscle. Quick movements release huge amounts of ATP energy and when practiced over time develop a powerful endocrine and muscular evolution. Kung Fu conditions your nervous system to produce more ATP energy. Slow qigong movements CIRCULATE this energy. We combined the BEST OF BOTH FAST AND SLOW to create the ultimate Qi workout.

Routine includes: Taoist meridian stretches to ensure you remain flexible as a yogi. Journey to 100 push ups to ensure you get muscular shape and definition. HyperThrows so your reflexes and speed become as fast as a stealth ninja. Horse Stance for developing leg strength to kick down a door.  You’ll feel amazing and sweat more than running without leaving your spot!  Get stronger than you ever imagined.
Includes Animated and Techno Inspired,
45 Minute Qigong Strength Training FORM
15 Minute Introduction to Watch Before Starting
Handout with Postures Illustrated and Explained

Energy Animated Level-2 Qigong Healing DVD
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*Includes Nine-Breath Method...the Most Powerful Breathing Exercise on Earth!
*Precise Detailed Instructions, Theory and Animations for Nine-Breath Method
*Full-Body Cleansing to Remove Blockages & Open Meridian Pathways
*Drawing the Bow to Increase Raw Physical Strength and "Projecting Qi" to Others
This video is beyond just Qi Powerful... it is a highly spiritual experience that you will enjoy practicing for a long time. We ultimately connect to the "True Source" of the Energy and learn to practice Qigong with our Spiritual Heart. The routine leaves you joyous afterwards and Includes the Nine-Breath Method along with breathtaking video from the Hubble Telescope.

For the first time ever people can learn Nine-Breath Method from home without attending a workshop!!! How can such an advanced practice be learned from a DVD? Simple... We have used the most sophisticated Animation to show how "Subtle Abdominal Movements" are the single most powerful tool to Pack Energy into your Dan Tien, increasing your internal energy reserves.
Aside from the Nine-Breath Method that has been taught LIVE in the USA to 40,000 people with RAVE REVIEWS... This video contains the beautiful and sacred Full-Body Cleaning Exercise. This is a highly spiritual routine that will chase away tension and stress from your body. The Drawing the Bow exercise will give you the "Light Warrior" power you need to kick down a steel door!!! Full-Body Spiraling draws energy from the Divine Source into the Pituitary Gland. In short, this video rocks the house and we know you will think so too!
* Incredible Music & Voice Over Guides you through this amazing Qi Healing Experience.
* 50 Min of Highlighted Seminar Footage Explains Theory & Concepts behind each exercise.
* 35 Min Level-2 Routine" FULLY ANIMATED greatly deepens your connection to the Qi.
* Special Bonus Hands on Healing Demonstration via Nine-Breath Method.
Includes: 2 DVDs Packed with 100 minutes of highly
effective Qigong Methods for Energy & Healing.

Level-3 Qigong Wuji Style - Fully Animated HIGH DEFINITION BLU-RAY & STANDARD DVD
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*Precise Detailed Instructions, Theory and Animations for WUJI FREE-FORM QIGONG
*7 Wuji Style Movements are equal to learning thousands of Qigong Movements
*LETS YOU CREATE your own Qigong Form
Wuji is a spontaneous practice of Qigong where a person does not dwell on their next movement.  Like artwork... a unique form is created where creativity is allowed to express itself.  This is a SLOW DANCE through magnetic energy.

The instruction teaches 7 Wuji Style Movements, which are broad categories of Qigong moves that are used in thousands of Qigong forms.  Learning these "Energetic Principles" allows you to create forms like a Qigong Master on your first try.

Instructors report "Cosmic Experiences" when practicing the L-1 or L-2 Standing Qigong Forms and closing with Wuji.  Words ultimately can not describe the Wuji.   It can only be experienced.
* Complete Breakdown of all the subtleties behind 7 Wuji Movements.
* Highest Quality Animation shows clearly what is happening and how to increase Qi.
* Explains how to Transition from 1 move to the next seemlessly
* Special Bonus:  60 Advanced Instructors in ultra-deep Wuji Practice
Includes:  Two 1 Hour DVDs
Standard DVD & High-Definition BLU-RAY

Qigong-Style FOOT REFLEXOLOGY: *Pain Relief *Endocrine Balance *Organ Function
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*Hard Laminated Charts 100% Artistically Beautiful
*Color Manual Instructions are Detailed and Easy to Follow
*Effective Reflex Protocols to eliminate PAIN from Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis
*Special Points for Endocrine, Cardiovascular, Digestive and Urinary Function
Reflexology foot massage and pressure point therapy is an effective way toEliminate Pain or Boost Qi in a weak organ system. Our system follows traditional bottom of feet points, however has a UNIQUE CHART OF TOP OF FEET & ANKLE. These rarely discussed points are for Pain & Endocrine issues.

Reflexology was developed in the 1930’s by Eunice Ingham who said, “A spinal lesion means an abnormal pull on muscle tissue. If we can release the excessive tension by contacting a specific reflex in the feet, we are helping to bring about a correction of that spinal lesion." She revealed the connection between reflex points and larger bone structures.

What matters most with Reflexology? The Qi you actually put into the point! Some therapists do not use Thumb Tip properly and therefore results with reflexology can vary dramatically. Can you tolerate 30 Seconds of Torture in exchange for being PAIN-FREE? We use a special oil called, “White Flower" and it's included with our kit. Artististically Superior Charts have been designed without any numbers or words! It's the world’s first technical reflexology chart with no language as a true work of art and reveals many protocols that have seldom ever been taught. This product is a must for people with Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis, Sciatica, Low Back Pain, Enlarged Prostate, Menopausal or Low Testosterone Symptoms, Digestive Problems or Headaches. Reflex points targeted 1 minute daily produces desired results.
Includes: Complete Instruction Manual,
Charts for Ankle, Top and Bottom of Feet,
20ml Large Bottle White Flower Oil

THE BOX SET:  Level-1, Level-2, Level-3
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*All the Qigong Forms taught in our 4-Day Events
*Taught to over 40,000 people LIVE in seminars
*RAVE REVIEWS from experienced Qigong & Energy Therapists
Having the tools to learn Qigong correctly in the beginning makes all the difference. These 6 DVDs took over 10 years to produce and that's because they are Precise Detailed Teachings communicated to thousands of people in live seminars... then further refined and only delivered in the most palatable way based on actually teaching REAL people.

The Box Set contains all three Qigong DVDs packaged beautifully in a nice box. Covers Qigong Level-1 Routine, Healing Meditation, Taoist Stretching, Qigong Walking, Qigong Level-2 Routine, Nine-Breath Method in Precise Detail, Level-3 Wuji Create Your Own Form and the 7 Wuji Style Movements.

Save $10 plus the cost of shipping multiple items when you buy the box set.
Includes:  6 DVDs Packed with 350 minutes of highly effective Qigong Methods for Energy & Healing.

"Conquering ANY Disease"  (Food Healing Protocols - Cited Alt. Medicine Textbook)
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*High-Phytochemical Diet is the Solution to Most Disease
*Specific Foods - Reverse - Specific Diseases
*Protocols to reverse Asthma, Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes,
*Heart Disease, Kidney Stones, Osteoporosis, Menopause,
*Constipation, IBS, Ulcers, Depression, Endocrine issues
Accelerate your healing and metabolism with what nutritional experts are calling the most comprehensive complete body of Food-Healing wisdom ever printed.

Build your digestive fire so strong that you have 2 foot bowel movements effortlessly every morning. Ignite your endocrine system with tonic herbs and mushrooms giving you the libido of a teenager. Master the art of cooking delicious meals and protect against or reverse diseases that are epidemic. Hundreds have used these exact protocols to reverse Cancer, even in late stages.

It's never been easier. Succeed in transforming your body without giving up good tasting foods. People who never thought they could stick with a “food program” have been doing it for over 5 years because the program is realistic and geared for long-term success. This is the book you want for a disease-free life.
Includes: 175 Page Hardcover Textbook

Advanced Food-Healing Seminar DVD Box Set
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*8.5 Hours of the Most Current 2010 Naturopathic Food Healing Wisdom
*Time Tested Protocols make this video a priceless tool you will reference again and again
*Fully Animated and Packed with Entertaining Wisdom from the LIVE seminar
*Specific Foods REVERSE Specific Diseases

This is the LIVE 2-Day Food Healing Seminar on DVD and is perfect for sharing with friends and family. Using this system of Food-Based Healing people have successfully reversed diabetes, overcome cancer defying even the doctor’s worst predictions, lowered high cholesterol and successfully cleared plaque out of the arteries. All with FOOD!

Digestive problems that responded to nothing responded amazingly well to this program. Constipation, ulcers, IBS, endocrine disorders, weight loss, asthma, allergies, eye problems, arthritis, chronic pain & kidney stones are discussed in precise detail.

Why should you eat like this?

Because, this way of eating gives tremendous energy. Everyday people are making smoothies, taking tonic herbs and mushrooms, having big-huge bowel movements, enjoying good sexual health & feeling great.

Disc #1: Introduction to Food Healing Superfoods, Tonic Herbs & Medicinal Mushrooms From Around the World

Disc #2: Common “Medicine” Foods from Apples to Zucchini we discuss properties of the Fruits & Veggies we use in this system.

Disc #3:ALL the Protocols successfully used by thousands of people to reverse Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Asthma, Osteoporosis and just about every health problem facing society today.

Disc #4: Time Saving Secrets from the Kitchen, Walkthrough of the ‘Everyday’ Smoothie, Morning Probiotic Herbal Tonic, Healing Ice Cream, Seafood Preparation and more!

Disc #5 & 6: Same content as above in BLURAY HIGH-DEFINITION

* Reviews Protocols and Inspires People to Eat This Way
* Explains Key Points with University Style Learning Format
* Shows how to save time and get the results you want


Includes: 6 DVDs Packed with 8.5 hours of life saving wisdom
4 DVDs in Standard Definition + Identical Footage on 2 High-Def BLURAY Discs

Smoothie Formulas Hardcover Edition:  95 Specific Recipes for 3hp Blending
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*Food-Healing wisdom into delicously crafted smoothies
*Awesome Tasting Smoothies Everytime
*Covers Common Diseases with Appropriate Smoothies
*Works Best as Companion to:  Conquering ANY Disease
The most powerful medicine comes from the foods in your grocery store. Smoothie Formulas is based on the teachings of our renowned Food-Healing system. For years people asked for specific recipes and this inspired us to make Smoothie Formulas. Its been updated many times and each recipe, even the more serious ones for cancer - all have been tested to taste good! Each formula was fine tuned to perfection by blending connoisseir and longtime student of Naturopathic Food-Healing, Jeff Primack. Following the teachings in our 150 page manual and DVDs is a LOT EASIER WITH THIS BOOK. Jeff crafted Smoothie Formulas based on Naturopathic teachings for: Type 1 & 2 Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Cleansing Plaque form the Arteries, Chronic Fatigue, and much more.
Includes: Delicious Smoothie Formulas based on Specific Foods -for- Specific Diseases
Kids High Phytochemical Smoothies, Healing Ice Cream™, Bitter Melon Dishes

NEW - The Ultimate High-Phytochemical COOKBOOK: Full Color Coil Edition
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*Formulated based on the “Conquering Any Disease” system
*Delicious Cooked Meals, Healing Sauces & Regenerative Desserts
*All recipes have maximum healing power and phytochemical content
*All recipes are dairy free, superior tasting, anti-inflammatory & fight disease

Taste does not have to sacrificed on the HIGH-PHYTOCHEMICAL diet. An amazing array of Raw and Cooked meals were masterfully tweaked, tested and then finally perfected. We’ve laid it all out in “Cooking with Qi”.

A number of things make this cookbook different from any other in the world today. It understands that humans thrive on Coconut Oil… an anti-viral, anti-bacterial fat perfect for cooking in the oven and frying pan. All dishes are made with anti-inflammatory and coconut oils to increase metabolism and reduce pain. This is a Free of Free Radicals Cookbook!

Primary food Ingredients for each recipe have been selected by Master of Food Healing, Jeff Primack. Heart disease meals are carefully crafted on function of the herbs, vegetables etc. Once functional ingredients were selected for each dish, Food-Healing Chefs Anisa Taylor & Steve Wood raised the bar and made them delicious. The people you love will eat it!
Includes Easy-to-Follow Recipes:
Raw Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Natto Chai, Raw Zucchini Alfredo, Asparagus Next-Level Soup,
Pizza Food-Healing Style, Soba Shiitake Salmon, Coconut Flour Crepes, Healing Turmeric Sauces,
Watercress Sour Cream, Okra Oyster Gumbo, Bitter Melon Infused Diabetic Cuisine, Curries,
Tacos, Cheesy Crisps and many more not found in other cookbooks.

Qigong Healing Hardcover Textbook: Level-1, Level-2 & Level-3
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*Detailed Illustrations of ALL the exercises from our 4-Day Qigong workshop
*Theory behind MIRACLES and "Qigong Phenomena" that will supercharge your practice  
*Covers EVERYTHING you could ever want to know about generating healing Qi
*Compliments the Animated DVDs nicely and provides deeper insight to the practices
Every precise detail has been included in this manual.  Leaving nothing out... It contains step-by-step energy animated illustrations for:  Empty Force, Cloud Hands, Earth Hands, Around the World, Push Hands, Full-body Cleansing, Drawing the Bow, Full-Body Spiraling, Nine-Breath Method and the 7 Wuji Style Movements.

The clarity of this transmission is unmatched according to seasoned veterans of Qigong.

Within these 225 pages one receives an initiation to theory of Supreme Science Qigong, Food-Based Healing, Making Miracles, Qigong Data on Mind Consciousness and AMAZING discussion on the secrets of healing prayer that the movie "The Secret" doesn't tell you.  Concludes with Sacred Geometry and ALL IS ONE consciousness.
Includes: THE ONE Qigong manual to have.

The Breath Empowerment Series
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*Leaves you vibrating and blissed out
*Hyper-Oxygenates the Blood and flushes out blockages within your nervous system
*Sound of Breath to follow is heard behind Jeff's voice guiding you
*Features both LIVE seminar version and Advanced Studio Version released in 2011
Attendees at our Qigong events have long said the Breath Empowerment had them vibrating from head to toe. Many say it led to the most tangible experience of spiritual energy inside their body. Other comments include, "I couldn't stop smiling."

This first practice CD was recorded live in Austin Texas from a Breath Empowerment that was given to 600 people. Digitally mastered for home use, the sound of Jeff's breath is heard at just the right level along with his guidance through the process. This CD is powerful enough to bring this experience home for anyone. Many people, including teenagers and novice rookies who never did any Qigong have played this track in their headphones with mind blowing results.

After 15 years of teaching the breath empowerment to over 40,000 people in live seminars, Jeff designed a more gentle and more ADVANCED version of this already cosmically powerful technique. 2011 saw the evolution of the ADVANCED breath empowerment. What’s different about it? The advanced version incorporates Tumo Breathing, Breath Holding and Acupoint Visualization to move energy. Jeff’s staff of instructors unanimously agreed that the ADVANCED breath empowerment is the most fun you can have with breathing.
Note: Due to the powerful nature of this practice it is not recommended for anyone with seizure disorders, asthma, heart disease, or is pregnant.
Includes: 3 Discs,
Theory and Complete Understanding, Breath Empowerment LIVE, Advanced Breath Empowerment 2011 STUDIO

NEW! Advanced 9-Breath Method: Global & Personal Healing CD
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*Guided Meditation leads to VIBRATORY BLISS like you’ve never experienced
*Takes the Power of 9-Breath Method and makes it at least 3 Times More Powerful
*In-depth Theory CD on the technique ensures precise understanding
*Focuses on Healing the Planet, Abundance, Healing Loved Ones & MAKES YOU VIBRATE!
For the 1st time ever bliss has truly been bottled. Building on the principles of the Nine-Breath Method taught in L-2, this version utilizes prolonged retention & sublimation of breath. It was taught publicly for the first time to 2000 people on April 28th, 2009 and the response from the audience was one of wild cheering and profound gratitude. In fact, next to being inside a two thousand person 9-Breath Circle it is the next best thing.

The Global & Personal Healing is a GUIDED MEDITATION for people interested in healing the Earth, sending qi to loved ones and releasing everything that stops the abundance from entering our lives. It is a great daily practice that leaves You vibrating, peaceful, and so clear mentally that you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.
* Note: People undertaking the Advanced Nine-Breath Method must have practiced the regular version on the L-2 DVD or from a live seminar for at least 1 hour FIRST before doing the advanced versions. Due to the powerful nature of this practice it is not recommended for anyone with seizures or any heart problems.
Includes 2-Discs: 38 Minute Guided Meditation CD + In-depth Instruction and Theory

NEW! Advanced 9-Breath Method: Gentle Kundalini Activation CD
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*Guided Meditation leads to VIBRATORY BLISS like you’ve never experienced
*Takes the Power of 9-Breath Method and makes it atleast 3 Times More Powerful
*In-depth Theory CD on the technique ensures precise understanding
*Focuses on GENTLY Awakening Kundalini (Root Chakra) Using Time-Tested Visualizations
Kundalini is held, by Divine Intelligence, inside your root chakra and is said to be the energy behind procreation. When Kundalini is ACTIVATED it rises up the spine and FEEDS the nervous system. Increased sexual energy, hormones and overall vitality are the benefits. To say that one’s Kundalini is active is to say that their root chakra is open and feeding the nervous system. We use special visualizations and Advanced 9-Breath method for gently activating Kundalini.
* Note: People undertaking the Advanced Nine-Breath Method must have practiced the regular version on the L-2 DVD or from a live seminar for at least 1 hour FIRST before doing the advanced versions. Due to the powerful nature of this practice it is not recommended for anyone with seizures or any heart problems.
Includes 2-Discs: 39 Minute Guided Meditation CD + In-depth Instruction and Theory

NEW! Advanced 9-Breath Method: Guided Hands on Healing Session CD
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*Guided Healing Session allows Healers to transfer VIBRATORY BLISS to others
*Recipients lay down and RECEIVE the strongest energy healing session imaginable
*In-depth Theory CD on the technique ensures precise understanding
*Uses the principles of Reiki & Advanced 9-Breath for a mind-blowing healing session
You as the healer will feel energy flowing out your hands like a faucet! People receiving feel the energy like a vibration inside of them. This guided healing session CD sets the stage for anyone interested in giving healing to another person. It works amazingly well.

Jeff Primack states, “Of all the things I have done in my life, few have been as profound as ‘laying on of hands’ while doing 9-Breath Method. Many HEALING MIRACLES I have witnessed against any logical explanation. And since everyone has a healing hand, anyone can do it.
Includes 2-Discs: 51 Minute Guided Healing Session CD + In-depth Instruction and Theory
* Note: People undertaking the Advanced Nine-Breath Method must have practiced the regular version on the L-2 DVD or from a live seminar for atleast 1 hour FIRST before doing the advanced versions. Due to the powerful nature of this practice it is not recommended for anyone with seizures or any heart problems.

NEW! Advanced 9-Breath Method: THE BOX SET
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*Guided Practice #1: Global & Personal Healing Meditation
*Guided Practice #2: Gentle Kundalini Activation
*Guided Practice #3: Hands on Healing Session
*RAVE REVIEWS from experienced Qigong & Yoga Practitioners
When you combine amazing music with the most powerful breathing technique on Earth, profound experiences are a regular occurrence. This box set is for people who love to vibrate with POWER and are interested in bringing out their highest potential.

God has breathed life into all of us. The Advanced 9-Breath Method meditation series gives us a glimpse as to why. The LIFE is in the breath and our body’s capacity to heal is only limited by the amount of energy we can run through our nervous system. This CD series takes us to PEAK STATES OF ONENESS and heals on a biological, emotional and spiritual level. It is the ultimate experience of Prayer, Meditation & Breath.

Save $40 plus the cost of shipping multiple items when you buy the box set.
* Note: People undertaking the Advanced Nine-Breath Method must have practiced the regular version on the L-2 DVD or from a live seminar for atleast 1 hour FIRST before doing the advanced versions. Due to the powerful nature of this practice it is not recommended for anyone with seizures or any heart problems.  



  Includes 6 CD’s: Over 250 Minutes of Advanced 9-Breath Method
  Guided Meditations, Theory & Technical Instruction
Beginners Option
For only $30 more add the Level-2 DVD to learn Beginners 9-breath Method.
This is highly recommended for people who have never attended our workshops.
Live explanations from events and detailed animation graphics of abdomen technique.


Level-4 Neigong: Energy Building Meditations & Real Tantra Practice for Lovers
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*Tantra Meditation increases heart connection and sexual energy between lovers
*Press on Qi with your whole entire body at oncE - sitting effortlessly in meditation
*Develop Qi in the Dan Tien with Jeff's most powerful Neigong Meditation
Jeff always saved certain Qigong Meditations for special occasions like mountain retreats and advanced trainings. In 2008 the Level-4 workshop was born by taking ONLY THE BEST Neigong Meditations for developing energy in the Dan Tien Qi Bank Account.

"Swaying Softly in the Orb" meditation has experienced meditators absolutely raving and pressing on Qi with the entire body sitting peaceful inside intense magnetic fields.
People are most notably raving about the "Lovers Connecting Dan Tiens" meditation.
It's captured the hearts of all who practiced it in live seminars.
Without any touching or even being in the same room!!
This meditation delivers the Jing Power Blast for couples cultivating Qi together.
and builds energy in a most beautiful-effective way.
Includes: 2-Disc CD Audio Series The Meditations & Advanced Neigong/Tantra Discussion

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*A cross between Starwars, The Matrix and a story that has never been told
*Holds secrets that are currently transforming millions of lives across all cultures
*For entertainment purposes and view of what is possible for humanity
Sudden Enlightenment of the World is a Gripping adventure tale drawing from the mystical teachings of Taoism, Qigong, Shamanism, Buddhism, Tantra, Hermetic Greek Philosophy, Kabbalah, Christianity and the Egyptian Mystery Schools.

Enter Omar Jackson. Raised by a fierce warrior and qi-master, he awakens a powerful energy dormant in our nervous system called ‘Kundalini’. His journey takes him out of body to Atlantis, into the passionate arms of love and set with the impossible task of overcoming his monster ego. Omar teleports through the distant past and multiple futures to find clues that will save humanity from destroying itself. Ultimately, he must solve the mystery of his destiny and surrender to the will of the True Source, the Infinite Living Mind that created the universe.
Includes: 1 Book Filled with Adventure, Suspense and Esoteric Knowledge About Human Potential

Mastering 5 Elements
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*Create better relationships in Love, Family and Business
*Discover WHY people act the way they do
*Identify strengths & weaknesses easily and learn to balance yourself
*So accurate you’ll laugh out loud - So simple you’ll never stop using it
“Professor Tanya Storch’s unique transmission of 5-Elements has been the
most useful psychological tool of any I have ever studied in my life”
- Jeff Primack

Mastering 5-Elements takes a normally “hard to understand” topic and transmits in a language that anyone can immediately relate with. Psychology has its Type A personality, however METAL is far more clear in its description of that the overly organized do to survive and how it survives in business. FIRE is passionate, exciting and is also prone to get bored quickly if there is not a challenge. TREE people are compassionate and make great healers, but are often disorganized and may need to become more disciplined. WATER people are introspective, philosophical and like to eat the same foods, keep the same friends and become fixed in a particular way of doing things. EARTH is a mix of 5-Elements and is the most balanced, but may have trouble taking action or making choices. Whatever our dominant element, we become more powerful and effective through knowledge of our tendencies and those of people around us.
Includes: 1 Book Filled with knowledge about what makes people do the things they do

SSQ Keynote Presentations: LIVE from Orlando
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*Spiritual Laws behind Miracles and Higher Energy Cultivation
*Why some people have all the "LucK" and how to get it to support your highest life good
*How medicine will forever change its outlook on Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease & Autism
*Within All Human Knowledge - Everything that Really Matters is revealed in these 4 presentations!!!
Human energy potential is the new renaissance of the 21st century, however there is more to know than just exercises to strengthen Qi. Food-based healing has the potential to revolutionize to revolutionize and complete Western medicine, bringing a wave of true healing across the world. Jeff guides viewers through a "supercharged" introduction into the protocols of Naturopathic Food-Healing showing how anyone can reverse the diseases of our time.

Did you know that ALL LIFE contains Phi Ratio Proportions and that this is a clear indication of the Original Intelligence at work. Infinite living mind that created the universe and the Qi itself...that is where the greatest masters turn.
Presentations cover ancient secrets of Chinese Qigong virtue philosophy, Greek Hermetic thought & Kabalistic beliefs about our reason for existing.
Also included is a scientific expose on Near Death Experience proving HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS survives death and a greater plan exists for our life.
Ultimately the presentations summarize massive amounts of information that most people feel is mind-blowingly packaged and easy to understand.
Includes: LIVE Presentations #1-4 from Qi Revolution Workshop Professionally edited with gripping can´t stop watching content.

Supreme Science Qigong  "Complete Wellness Package"
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*Save $250 off ordering separately *By far the best value. You get a lot for free.
*ALL of our Animated Qigong DVDs, 9-Breath Method Meditations & Food Healing Materials.
*This is the only wellness program you will ever need. It is the complete package.



Qigong Manual (Hardcover): Contains deeper theory of Qigong & Illustrations of ALL our exercises Conquering ANY Disease (Hardcover): Medical textbook on Food-Healing includes all protocols
Smoothie Formulas (Hardcover): 95 recipes for delicious smoothies everytime
Qigong Healing DVD Box Set: Qigong routines fully animated to show the energy and what to do
Food Healing Seminar 8.5 Hour DVD Set: Gives more detail & inspires people to make changes
Advanced 9-Breath Method CD Box Set: Bar far the most powerful experience of energy ever!!
Breath Empowerment Box Set: Many describe it as better than drugs. Oxygenates the whole body.
Level-4 Neigong & Tantra Meditation CD set: Sitting meditations to boost circulation of blood & qi.
Sudden Enlightenment of the World (Hardcover): Entertaining book about qi, love & life's lessons
Mastering 5-Elements (Hardcover): Gives practical tools to enhance relationships and business.
Keynote Presentations on DVD: Deeper Qigong theory Live from Orlando 2000 person workshop.


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Our Qigong events feature music that gives goosebumps because the vibe is so high. Many people tell us that the music takes what we are doing to a whole other level and it is true. Music is the Universal language.  The sounds on this CD have been carefully selected by Jami Deva and Jeff Primack because of how music amplifies the experience of Qi.

This CD features a continuous mix of the music used in the QI REVOLUTION Workshop and Qigong Healing DVD's. It blends together the sonic landscapes from the Breath Empowerment and Level 1, 2, & 3 Healing forms.

It is mixed to enhance your experience of these healing forms. It is also a great cd to use for healing massage and meditation. Mixed by our beloved Jami Deva. It includes Jeff's favorite tracks from Kamal's Reiki Whale Song, Deuter's Tibetan Bowls, David Helpling and Jon Jenkin's Treasure, and many other illuminated works.

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Our Qigong events feature music that gives goosebumps because the vibe is so high. Many people tell us that the music takes what we are doing to a whole other level and it is true. Music is the Universal language.  The sounds on this CD have been carefully selected by Jami Deva and Jeff Primack because of how music amplifies the experience of Qi.

This CD features a continuous mix of the music used in the QI REVOLUTION Workshop during the break time. It features downtempo rhythmic selections from Tina Malia, Niraj Chag, Kaya Project, Noa Winter Lazerus, Karsh Kale, Tumbara, Jim Beckwith, Clinton Fearon and others. BREAKTHROUGH represents a treasury of some of Jami Deva's favorite tracks of all time that illustrate the true power of music to elevate the mind and spirit. This CD is great for listening to anytime.

Wonderland - Qi Goddess Music CD for Massage and Healing
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Wonderland - Qi Goddess Music CD for Massage and Healing

50 minutes of continuous music composed for massage and healing. This CD is a direct response to so many therapists asking for a healing music CD to play during an hour long massage session. It features the angelic sounds of Sasha Rose and ambient bliss of Jami Deva. This CD weaves together the perfect energetic balance of Yin and Yang. It is designed to put you or your patients into an expanded state where deep healing can happen.

Wonderland - Kundalini Music CD
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Wonderland - Kundalini Music CD for Massage and Qigong Practice

60 minutes of continuous music composed using the frequencies of healing. The tones and harmonic structures used in this CD facilitate cellular regeneration and subtle energy activation. The composition features all original music by Jami Deva and Rick Johnson. The effects of listening to harmonic empowered frequency can be quite profound when used in combination with breathwork, meditative movement, or healing massage. 60 minutes of evolving sound makes it perfect for an hour long class, healing session, or as a background music to your day.

Blendtec 3-Horsepower Blender
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According to our testing of many blenders, Blendtec makes the best 3 HP blender for the price. It is exceptionally powerful at 1500 Watts and it travels easily. Micronize the specific Fruits & Vegetables (including seeds, skins, rinds etc) based on SSQ's renowned Food-Healing system. Smoothies need to be made in a 3 horsepower blender micronizing fiber/seed/rind particles to the micron level. Comes with a solid 7 year warranty. Buy the blender here and your blender gets shipped straight from the factory in the shortest time period possible.

***Buyer Beware: Anyone selling this blender for less is not an authorized dealer of Blendtec, which voids the warranty. Blendtec requires that all dealers sell at the same flat price. Any high velocity machine can have problems and the warranty from Blentec is superb - it gets fixed right away. They WILL ask you where you bought it and trace the serial number. For this reason we recommend that you buy your blender with a full-warranty from a trusted source.  SSQ has been an authorized dealer for many years and has excellent longterm relations with the company.  Buy the blender here and it gets shipped straight from the factory in the shortest time possible.
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Includes: 7yr Manufacturer Warranty. The most powerful blender for your money.